Most populer free online games

Pistol Training Free Online Flash Games

Pistol Training

Practise your aiming skill with a pistol. You will get three types of pistol. Improve your skill to advance to the next level.
Ball A Track Free Online Flash Games

Ball A Track

Follow the track and keep the ball in track.
Stackopolis Free Online Flash Games


Create the design according to the direction or template given by moving the blocks.
Tower Bloxx Free Online Flash Games

Tower Bloxx

The goal of the Tower Block game is to build high and stable buildings. At the bottom of the screen you will see the current height of the building.
Prison Breakout Free Online Flash Games

Prison Breakout

Make your way through tunnels and secret rooms to ultimately steal across the yard and over the wall. Sneak up behind guards to knock them out. Be careful, they’ll hear you if you run. Avoid search lights by hiding in the shadows.
Charger Escape Free Online Flash Games

Charger Escape

Help the horse to escape. Use mouse to search the location and find items.
Hairstyle Wonders Free Online Flash Games

Hairstyle Wonders

Match the hairstyle to the picture shown. Wash and rinse with shampoo and conditioner. Dry with the towel and hairdryer, then choose the length of the hair and choose styling tools to create the style you need. Add color and accessories, if necessary. The bar on the right fills as you make progress, and when it is completely full, click Done. Click Reset if you make a mistake.
My Wonderful Farm Free Online Flash Games

My Wonderful Farm

Harvesting crops is good fun, in fact producing something is always enjoyable. Now be a farmer, buy seeds and grow them to earn money.
Tarzan Jungle Jump Free Online Flash Games

Tarzan Jungle Jump

Help Tarzan gather diamonds sprinkled throughout the jungle, to give to Jane on their first anniversary. He'll have to face the dangers of the animal kingdom to discover the valuable stones. Help him avoid obstacles and swing across unsafe waters and pitfalls while eluding alligators, panthers, and man-eating plants. Grab the vines to swing over the dangerous areas. Jump on the backs of alligators to surf across waterfalls.
Homers Beer Run Free Online Flash Games

Homers Beer Run

Catch the duff kegs that fall from the building and store them in the trunk of the car. Avoid flaming kegs or you will be burnt. Enjoy a nice Simpson game.
Virtual Cop Free Online Flash Games

Virtual Cop

Virtual Cop is a challenging and fun game but simple to play.
Spiderman Web of Words Free Online Flash Games

Spiderman Web of Words

A fantastic and exciting game. To play, you have to spell words by typing or clicking on the letter titles. Spell words and climb buildings to help Spiderman keep the city secure from Doc Oak.
Halloween bowling Free Online Flash Games

Halloween bowling

In this Halloween bowling game the Pumpkin is the Bowling Ball and the Ghosts are the Pins. Smash the Ghosts out !
Halloween Tripeaks Free Online Flash Games

Halloween Tripeaks

Halloween Tripeaks is a solitaire game. Click the next card that is higher or lower in sequence.
Rollercoaster Creator Free Online Flash Games

Rollercoaster Creator

Create rollercoaster on your own. Collect coins to complete a level.
Tetrisd Free Online Flash Games


A different type of tetris game. The goal is to dodge the falling blocks and to stay alive. Press K to flip and roll onto a block.
Dynasty Street Free Online Flash Games

Dynasty Street

A very popular online action adventure game you will love to play.
Body Ladder Free Online Flash Games

Body Ladder

An action game to hit and kick the enemies. Use arrow keys to play the game.
Who wants to be millionaire Free Online Flash Games

Who wants to be millionaire

Another "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" game. A Flash format of the popular TV show. Play to win One Million.
Flower Girl Free Online Flash Games

Flower Girl

Collect flowers from the forest before the time runs out to advance through levels. Use the chart on the right to see which flower you must collect next.
The Fisher Free Online Flash Games

The Fisher

Try to catch all the fish from the lake. The bigger fish is, the more points you get but it is harder to pull out heavier fish.
Commando Arena Free Online Flash Games

Commando Arena

This is a shooting game, fighting against robots. The big robot at the centre can destroy you with one shot. So keep moving and shooting.
Bugs are coming Free Online Flash Games

Bugs are coming

Bugs are coming to blast the ball. Use the mouse to move the ball and avoid the bugs. through each level your ball will get bigger and be easier for the bugs to hit.
Mahjonggwm Free Online Flash Games


You remove tiles by selecting two tiles of same kind. Your goal is to remove all the tiles. Find two same tiles and remove them. Mahjongg is a popular traditional Chinese board game.
Mini Pool 2 Free Online Flash Games

Mini Pool 2

Mini Pool 2 is a very popular game. You have to clear the pool table before time expires in order to advance to the next level. So your aim is to try to clear the pool table very quickly.
Bush Shootout Free Online Flash Games

Bush Shootout

Terrorists have attacked the Whitehouse and plan to kidnap or kill The President. You have to pass through different levels as The President and His Secretary of State, shooting the terrorists and stopping them blowing up the Whitehouse! If you reach the last level, you will also have to defeat terrorist helicopters and finally a van bomb !
Gold Miner Vegas Free Online Flash Games

Gold Miner Vegas

This is another very popular gold miner game. The rules are almost same as previous gold miner game. Enjoy the new gold miner vegas.
Panda of Luck Free Online Flash Games

Panda of Luck

Panda of Luck is a kind of Zuma game with Chinese Panda. The more treasures of the same type you eliminate at the same time, the more points you score. Aim with the Panda using the mouse. Save the Emperor from bad luck and eliminate all cursed treasures.
Simplitica Free Online Flash Games


Simplitica is a simple addictive game. Simplitica is a game of skill which you will enjoy playing for hours. Make your journey from start to end point without hitting the moving objects.
Dib's Adventure to Mount Wafers Free Online Flash Games

Dib's Adventure to Mount Wafers

Dib's Adventure to Mount Wafers is a highly addictive game for players who love adventure.. Dib’s adventure to Mount Wafers game is for those people who love adventure. You need to collect all the fruits on each level to open the exit.
Ownage Burst Free Online Flash Games

Ownage Burst

Ownage Burst is a nice and popular shooting game. Use arrow keys to move and mouse button to shoot. If your health goes down sit down for a while and you will gain health again.
Antbuster Free Online Flash Games


The ants will try to get a piece of cake and take to the anthill. Your goal is stop them. Put some cannons next to the ants to annihilate them. Remember the cannons have a limited range. You can improve your cannons and also you can sell a cannon.
Plankton Life 2 Free Online Flash Games

Plankton Life 2

Grab and move your plankton with the mouse or keyboard. You have to avoid fishes and eat everything else. Your plankton will keep growing.
Park your ride vegas Free Online Flash Games

Park your ride vegas

You are training to get a job with a well known valet parking company called “Drive’s Valet Parking”. The driver must pass the following parking/driving tests to earn their valet license. Good luck!
Ultimate Sonic Free Online Flash Games

Ultimate Sonic

Ultimate sonic is the flash version of popular Sonic game. Ultimate sonic is the excellent flash remake of the classic well known video game Sonic the Hedgehog.
Arcade Lines Free Online Flash Games

Arcade Lines

Arcade Line is a popular game where your goal is to align five or more pieces of the same color into horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows. The rows will disappear and your score will increase. Arcade Line game is a challenging game where you have to think before you move pieces to keep your board clean.
Electric man 2 Free Online Flash Games

Electric man 2

Electric man 2 is an action fighting game between you and a group of combat teams. In this excellent game any combination of martial arts, street fighting and superhuman powers can be used to wipe out your opponents.
Pac-xon Free Online Flash Games


In the Pac-xon game you must fill the empty space and capture ghosts by building a wall. As soon as you fill 80% or more empty space you will go to the next level. Beware of ghosts. If a ghost catches you, you will lose one life.
Batman Free Online Flash Games


Batman is in pursuit of the mysterious Batwoman, but before he can catch her she’s overpowered by the Penguin's gang. Now he must fight his way through the Penguin and his henchmen to save her. Fight your way through the Penguin and save Batwoman before it's too late.
Car Park Chaos Free Online Flash Games

Car Park Chaos

There’s a big movie premiere on at the popcorn cinema, and the staff are helping out with parking guests’ cars. How many cars can you steer into the market parking space before time runs out and the movie starts? You can earn £20 for each one parked, lose £5 each time a car’s damaged, and if you hit any pedestrians you’ll be fired instantly.
Fun Maze Free Online Flash Games

Fun Maze

Test your skills. Try to reach the goal without touching the walls. How steady is your hand? Let’s find out! Try and beat all four levels. This is a scary maze game.
Mario Remix Free Online Flash Games

Mario Remix

The wonderful Mario game is back now with three games in one. Choose and play from three different games. Use arrow keys and Z to play the game.
Yeti Bubbles Free Online Flash Games

Yeti Bubbles

Yeti Bubbles is an action based puzzler game that puts players to the task of tossing coloured bubbles up to a stack of other colored bubbles. By linking three or more of the same colours together, those bubbles will disappear from the bin. If those bubbles were supporting other bubbles in the stack, their removal may cause the dangling chain to fall out of play to give the player more room to work with.
Mudball Free Online Flash Games


In this mudball game two groups of boys fight with mud balls. You have to throw the mudballs to the other group. If you win the group comes with a higher number of members.
Playing With Fire 2 Free Online Flash Games

Playing With Fire 2

Blow up your opponent before they kill you. You can play against the computer or you can play a two player game with your friend.
Railroad Tycoon 3 Free Online Flash Games

Railroad Tycoon 3

Take sections of rail track and lay them to connect the stations and progress to the next level. You can remove/destroy sections of unwanted track using bombs to make way for the correct section of track.
Win One Million Free Online Flash Games

Win One Million

Win one million game is based on the format of “Who wants to be a Millionaire” which is property of ABC and Celador International Limited.
Gold Miner Free Online Flash Games

Gold Miner

In this game you have to collect as much gold as you can in a certain time and fulfil the goal. Black stones yield the least gold and are the heaviest so try to collect as many yellow pure gold stones as you can and get rich in the shortest time. You can play this gold rated game by only your down arrow key. So jump in and be a qualified gold miner.
Fishy Free Online Flash Games


Eat smaller fish and get bigger. When you will grow you can eat bigger fishes and get more points. Avoid touching bigger fish or they will eat you.
Tetris Free Online Flash Games


Tetris is a very popular, ten level puzzle game. You can jump to any level you want to play at any time.
Apples Shooter Free Online Flash Games

Apples Shooter

Apples Shooter is a nice shooter game although scary if you kill your friend. Let’s see how accurately you can shoot the apples without killing your friend.
Tumbler Free Online Flash Games


Control our friend the shiny black ball through the treacherous tumbler using your mouse. Collect as many green balls as you can to gain points. You will lose a life if you run into Enemy Objects.
Prince of Persia Free Online Flash Games

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is a very popular and well known game. You have 8 minutes to navigate the dungeon to reach the Vizier's throne room and stop him unleashing the sands of time. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the Prince in all directions. Use shift key to grab onto ledges and pick up items and hold shift while pressing the arrow keys to walk.
Pacman Free Online Flash Games


Pacman is a fantastic classic game. Guide Pacman around the maze and eat all the little white dots whilst avoiding those nasty ghosts. If you eat a power pill, you can eat the ghosts! Occasionally, a fruit appears which gives you a bonus score when eaten.
Baby Blimp Free Online Flash Games

Baby Blimp

Baby comes from baby factory and your job is to care the babies.
Zuma Deluxe Free Online Flash Games

Zuma Deluxe

You have to destroy all the balls in the chain before they reach Zuma. When you see three or more balls of the same color attached then shoot the same colored ball towards those and those will blow up.
Missile Game 3D Free Online Flash Games

Missile Game 3D

In this game you are piloting a missile through a large tunnel, and you must avoid crashing to make it to the end of each stage. Fly through the holes in the rotating obstacles to survive and make it through each level. The position of your mouse is the position of the missile in the tunnel. Moving your mouse moves the missile.
Midnight Strike Free Online Flash Games

Midnight Strike

You have to complete mission one by one, no time limit. If you have some free time then you can start playing this game. You can play this game for a long time.
3d Chess Free Online Flash Games

3d Chess

Play chess against computer and increase your skill. This is a 3D chess game.
Sky Patrol Free Online Flash Games

Sky Patrol

Destroy opponent fighters. This is a very neat and clean game that you will enjoy playing.
Around the world in 80 days Free Online Flash Games

Around the world in 80 days

Swap adjacent gems to align sets of 3 or more. A winning set is 3 or more gems of same color. Combos and cascades award extra points. Fill the gem meter for a bonus. Press spacebar to pause.
13 Days In Hell Free Online Flash Games

13 Days In Hell

Survive 13 days in hell. This is a first person shooter game. You have to kill all of the zombies. You can buy a powerful weapon when you earn money. Use your mouse to play and space to reload.
Blockout Free Online Flash Games


There are 50 levels to complete. Use your mind and intelligence to complete each stage. You won't be bored playing this game.
Stunt Dirt Bike Free Online Flash Games

Stunt Dirt Bike

Overcome all the obstacles. Press Up, Down to move forward and backward. Left, Right to lean the biker's body. P to pause the game and R to restart level.
Space Runner Free Online Flash Games

Space Runner

Use Up, Down and Right arrow to play this wonderful game. In the second stage remember to press right arrow to dive into the hole in the wall. Let’s see how far you can go.
Tomato Bounce Free Online Flash Games

Tomato Bounce

Save those tomatoes and increase your score. Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad. Bounce them across the kitchen to the table. You get another life every 500 points. Hearts give you another life and the plant food spray bottle gives you more points.